A Timeless Tale of Innovation: Greubel Forsey's New Smaller Masterpieces

In the world of haute horlogerie, the name Greubel Forsey stands tall, revered for its relentless pursuit of horological excellence and craftsmanship. Enthusiasts eagerly await their groundbreaking creations, and once again, the esteemed watchmaker has captivated the industry by introducing smaller versions of their iconic Balancier Convexe S2 and Double Balancier Convexe timepieces. This tale of horological wonder delves into the story behind these masterpieces and the inspiration that fuels Greubel Forsey's passion for watchmaking.
Chapter 1: The Vision Unveiled
The journey begins with a vision to blend innovation with artistry, encapsulating centuries-old watchmaking traditions in a contemporary form. The Balancier Convexe S2 and Double Balancier Convexe watches have long been revered for their intricate designs and extraordinary technical feats. Now, with a smaller rendition, Greubel Forsey embraces the challenge of distilling the essence of these timepieces while catering to enthusiasts seeking a more wearable and versatile horological experience.
Chapter 2: The Artistry of Miniaturization
Crafting these smaller wonders required a harmonious symphony of precision engineering and artistic finesse. The dedicated artisans at Greubel Forsey poured their expertise into meticulously scaling down the intricate components, ensuring each piece retained its signature beauty and functionality. Embracing the artistry of miniaturization, they upheld the company's reputation for uncompromising perfection.
Chapter 3: A Tale of Mechanical Excellence
At the heart of every Greubel Forsey creation lies the essence of mechanical brilliance. The new smaller versions of Balancier Convexe S2 and Double Balancier Convexe watches are no exception. With immaculate attention to detail, these timepieces house extraordinary mechanisms, each telling its story of precision and elegance. The mesmerizing dance of balance wheels and gears showcases the artistry of timekeeping.

Inspired by Nature's Grandeur

Greubel Forsey's inspiration often stems from the world's natural wonders, and these new smaller watches are no different. Like a symphony of celestial bodies, the delicate balance of the timepieces echoes the harmony found in nature. Just as the planets and stars align in the cosmos, the components within these watches work in perfect synchronicity, celebrating the breathtaking grandeur of the universe.

A Journey Shared

Behind every masterpiece lies a collaborative journey between artisans, watchmakers, and connoisseurs. The Greubel Forsey community is an ecosystem of passion and shared dreams, with each timepiece becoming a cherished part of its owner's life. These smaller versions open the gates of exclusivity to a wider audience, inviting more watch enthusiasts to be part of this extraordinary voyage.


In the realm of horological artistry, Greubel Forsey continues to rewrite the history of watchmaking with each groundbreaking creation. The introduction of the smaller versions of the Balancier Convexe S2 and Double Balancier Convexe watches marks a new chapter in their legendary story. Through a fusion of technical prowess, artistic brilliance, and inspiration drawn from nature's wonders, these masterpieces are bound to captivate the hearts of watch enthusiasts for generations to come. With each tick and tock, the story of Greubel Forsey unfolds, leaving an indelible mark on the world of haute horlogerie.

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