Founded in 2012, the independent Swiss watch brand HYT introduced an original and exclusive approach to measuring time developed entirely in-house: HYT’s patented mechanical-fluidic technology combines a mechanical movement with a retrograde time indication in which a fluorescent fluid circulates through a system of capillary tubes.

HYT was born just over a decade ago from the dream of introducing fluid mechanics into the time display of a mechanical watch. To this day, the still young independent Swiss watchmaker has remained true to a highly personal philosophy of the art of horology, guided by the ambition to delve deep down to the very origins of time measurement dating several thousand years.

This led HYT to develop a cutting-edge technology for applying the energy generated by the watch movement to fluid mechanics – and display fluidic time.

The one to solve this complex equation was Lucien Vouillamoz. It involves three key elements from the aerospace industry: first, a glass capillary tube measuring 0.8 mm in internal diameter; second, a fluidic module 10,000 times more waterproof than a watch resistant to 10 ATM; and third, a system of bellows measuring a quarter of the thickness of a human hair for moving the fluids.

Over the past ten-plus years, HYT has been constantly improving and enhancing the reliability of both its system and its movements. HYT timepieces, produced in limited editions, are sophisticated, complex and out of the ordinary, elegantly extravagant. The course is set for uncompromising exclusiveness.